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Meet the team


The Team




Our Reception staff are outstanding!

They are extremely capable and will always try to do the very best they can to make your visit to the clinic, as close to perfect, as they can.

This happy bunch (more photo’s coming soon) will welcome you to the clinic, providing a friendly but professional atmosphere.


Sue Stovell, Receptionist

I started working at Coast in August 2015. The clinic is a great place to work being both friendly and professional. We are like a family here!

Before joining Coast I had never experienced chiropractic therapy. As part of my training I had a full consultation and treatment with Anne so that I would be aware of the process that patients experience and there by support new patients through their 1st appointment . I quickly realised Anne could help with various ailments I had had for many years, such as a painful shoulder I had been suffering with for many years. Within 3 or 4 sessions with Anne it was completely better.

I have since introduced most of my family and several friends to the benefits of chiropractic therapy and Anne’s exceptional skills.

Dione Brown, Receptionist

I’ve been with Coast for over 4 years now and I love it. It has a relaxed atmosphere, friendly as well as cosy and the Coast Team are a lovely bunch; they are my friends as well as work colleagues.

I have learnt so much about my body and how to influence my health thanks to Anne, she really knows her stuff. When I started at Coast, I was a ball of anxiety with hormone imbalances and not a great diet but not really realising it. Having made changes to my diet and lifestyle changes based on suggestions and advise from Anne, I am now off antidepressants (came off gradually with GP knowledge). I can control and know my triggers of anxiety; they don’t scare me anymore. My diet is much better and my hormones are heaps better and more level. I can not thank Anne enough and I look forward to many more years at Coast.

Chrissie Spicer

Before starting work at Coast in April 2015 I was a patient of Annes, being treated for a long standing back problem which was quickly resolved, so I had already experienced the friendly welcoming atmosphere of the clinic.
As the first point of contact for a patient arriving for their treatment I gain a great deal of satisfaction in putting the patient at ease and ensuring they are comfortable by giving them a personal experience in the clinic.
As the rest of the team would agree working at Coast is both fulfilling and very enjoyable.





Anne French

Anne completed her Chiropractic education at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth. She has over 16 years’ experience of clinical practice and is just as passionate about providing excellent health care to her patients now as when she first graduated.

Anne was introduced to Chiropractic after a severe road traffic accident while living in Canada. Being British she had not heard of the many benefits of Chiropractic as at that time Chiropractic was not well known in Britain. The pain and injuries still persisted 3 months after the accident.  A friend noticed Anne was in a lot of pain and struggling and dragged her into her Chiropractor for treatment. The relief Anne received, even from that first treatment was amazing and she knew that this skill was something that she would like to be able to do to help other people.

Anne opened Coast 12 years ago with the intention of offering patients high standard, alternative health care and information in a friendly and professional environment from highly qualified practitioners. Based on patient’s comments, we can confidently state that we have succeeded to date but we are always looking for ways to enhance what we do.

As a Chiropractor, Anne treats complaints such as back pain, migraines, headaches, frozen shoulder, shoulder injuries, tennis elbow, lower back pain, hip and knee pain from osteoarthritis,  using a combination of treatments suited to each person’s needs which may involve Chiropractic manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue work, exercise/ nutritional advice and a branch of Chiropractic treatment called Applied Kinesiology. This approach results not only in the relief of pain and discomfort but offers people the opportunity to take an active role to control their health/stress and improve their lifestyle.

Anne’s reputation is well known as being an exceptional Chiropractor.

Anne’s true passion is to strive to optimise her patients health and well-being by inspiring each patient to make tiny lifestyle changes that can have an immensely  positive impact on their health.